Year 12 Mechanics Motion Sensor Experiment1:


  • The purpose of this experiment is to introduce students to displacement time (and vt, at) graphs in a fun and interactive way.



  • Open the Pasco software EZscreens (which is installed when you install data studio - sometimes you may need to find this program in the data studio folder in the windows program files directory)
  • select a graph for a student to attempt follow
  • click start.

Pitfalls / causes of error

  • The student needs to walk directly in front of the sensor, otherwise it will not work
  • On the motion sensor is a switch (trolley or person) make sure it is selected accordingly
  • Sometimes holding a large object increases a persons surface area to aid with the sensor (I have not had this problem, as I often tape a line to the floor for the students to walk along.


  • Click hereto watch a video completed by (PIRA) using a motion sensor.

Model data:


References / other comments:

I use the motion sensor in a range of different experiments both at Y12 and Y13, 1 of a small number of data logging pieces which are really useful.