Year 12 Mechanics Projectile Motion Experiment 1:

**Projectile motion exp 1**
**Projectile motion exp 2**
**Projectile motion exp 3**
Find muzzle velocity by firing vertically
Find the muzzle velocity by shooting horizontally
- determine time of flight
- determine muzzle velocity
Find the position the projectile will land, by firing at an angle to the horizontal
- resolve x and y components of velocity
- determine time of flight
- determine horizontal distance.


  • The purpose of this experiment is to calculate the initial velocity (muzzle velocity) of the ball by firing the cannon vertically.


  • Ruler (1m end to end)
  • Projectile launcher (ME-6801)


  • Set the launcher to fire directly upwards. Measure the distance (h) from the top of the launcher to the position of maximum height.
  • I would normally get the class to come around close and for them to tell me the height with reference to a 1m ruler. We do this a couple of times to introduce / affirm the ideas of repeating and averaging.

Pitfalls / causes of error

  • .....


Model data:


References / other comments:

  • If it gets too hard to call, use a digital camera.