Year 12 Mechanics Motion - The Monkey and Hunter Experiment:


  • The purpose of this demo is to show that objects and projectiles fall at the same rate.


  • projector to show video or
  • projectile launcher, electromagnet and triggering mechanism


  • Aim the projectile launcher at target (monkey).
  • release monkey at the exact instant the projectile is launched.
MonkeyHunt_1D6032.jpg Y12_De37.gif

Pitfalls / causes of error

  • This experiment can be very temperamental, unless you have the right gear and spare time, the video and animation are sufficient.


Human Monkey Hunter Video (5min)
A great animation testing a range of skills. Once you have the angle correct velocity and gravity don't matter

Other Monkey Hunter media and animations:

Model data:

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References / other comments:

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