Welcome to the NCEA Physics Teacher’ Wiki based guide to high school Physics experiments.

New to Wiki’s?

  • A Wiki can simply be thought of as an online word document which is viewable and editable by all. This is a bit of simplification – as you can add videos and embed other files (word documents, PowerPoints etc) – but you get the idea.


  • The aim of this wiki is to provide a place to share and provide tips on good high school Physics demos and practical’s.

Why Wiki?

  • As there are many different ways to skinning a cat, so is the number of different ways to complete a Physics experiment.
    • A wiki provides an excellent forum for reading / watching / seeing how to perform an experiment (ideally you would do the demo, but in some cases watching the video would be sufficient).
    • A wiki also allows a teacher to easily edit the instructions, add advice on how to avoid a pitfall, or suggest another way of completing the experiment.
  • Each experiment has its own wiki page and should be linked into the www.nceaphysics.co.nz editable teacher schemes for easy access.
  • Do you have an experiment which is not here? Feel free to create a new page and write up the experiment (preferably with photos or a quick video).

What ideally should be included on a page?

  • An easy to follow set of instructions
  • A diagram and/or some photos or a video (or link to one)
  • Possible pit falls (and tips on how to avoid)
  • Model data (often a photo of a whiteboard or student book works)
  • List of equipment and if possible where to find (if it is not obvious) [e.g. Pasco ps-4032]
Please follow the inbuilt template as much as possible.

Want to help?

  • We would love all of the help we can get. Feel free to improve and spell check the experiments which are already contained here
  • If you would like to add new experiments you will need to set up an account for www.wikispaces.com (this is separate to any www.nceaphysics.co.nz accounts). Once you have an account you will need to click become a member. You will then be able to add new experiment pages. I would love as many people as possible contributing to these pages, so we have the best set of teacher experimental notes possible.

Need Help?

  • Click on the help link above to learn more about how to use your wiki.
  • If you are still stuck email: jharris.ncea.physics@gmail.comWelcome to the NCEA Physics Teacher’ Wiki based guide to high school Physics experiments.
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